Virginia's Fine Foods

Christmas Menu 2020



- Wild Mushroom Soup- a mix of shiitake, portobello, & white mushrooms with touch of cream 14/qt

- Cream of Asparagus- cream based soup, made with fresh asparagus & herbs 14/qt

- Mini Crab Cakes-  our famous crab cakes made into bite sizes, served with remoulade sauce 20/dozen

- Brie En Croute- brie with apricots, pecans in our homemade brioche dough 35 - serves 4-6

- Salmon Torta- made with layers of smoked salmon, whipped cream cheese, pesto,& sundried tomatoes 32 serves 4-6

- Holiday Strudel- made with puff pastry, filled with fresh lobster, brie, & asparagus 

60 - serves 4-6


Salads & Sides


- Eggplant Roulades- thinly sliced eggplants stuffed with yogurt & pine nuts 14.99/dz

- Mashed Potatoes - with a touch of cream and a hint of garlic 7.99/lb 

- Quinoa Salad- mixed with parsley, cherry tomatoes, scallions, & fresh lemon juice 12.99/lb

- Grilled Asparagus- with crumbled feta cheese & a balsamic glaze 12.50/lb




- Beef Tenderloin- marinated perfectly for 48 hours and cooked to perfection with mushrooms, rosemary, and seasonings 48.99/lb

- Oriental Pan Seared Salmon- marinated with honey, soy, and ginger 34.99/lb




- Apple Gallets - flaky homemade pie crust filled with golden apples & flavors of  cardamom & cinnamon 30 - serves 4-6

- Fruit Tart- our homemade tart shell filled with vanilla custard and topped with fresh fruits 36 serves 6

- Homemade Cookies - assortment of chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, double chocolate, & anzac 12.99/dz


All of us at Virginia’s wish you a happy and safe holiday!